Clean Bounce House Rentals

Clean Bounce House Rentals


Clean bounce house rentals

The last thing you want to worry about when looking into clean bounce house rentals is getting one that is all gross and dirty.

You know how kids can be, of course they don’t care if a bounce house is dirty; with all their sticky little paws getting into everything.  They just want to have fun and hey… the dirtier the better in their minds.

Health concerns

As a parent there is great concern to make sure your child stays safe and healthy.  At InflataPalooza, we care about our own children’s health as much as you care about yours.

That is way we make every effort to provide the most safe and clean bounce house rentals available.

5 point safety check

Each rental unit goes through our 5 point safety check before every rental.  This insures that your children have a safe and clean bounce house rentals experience.

  1. Inspect and test blower & power cords function properly.
  2. Inspect all anchor points and zippers for any damage.
  3. Inspect surface areas, seams, and netting for any tears.
  4. Remove any objects found inside or on the party rental.
  5. Thoroughly vacuum and scrub all play surface areas.

Keep in mind that this cleaning procedure is subject to weather conditions permitting.  If by setting up a bounce house to clean it in bad weather it is more likely to end up dirtier than when we originally set it up.

High safety standards

Bounce House Rentals SafetyThe inflatable bounce house industry is for the most part new, at least has become much more popular in recent years.

Not many laws or regulations exist in regards to manufacturing standards of inflatables.  With that said New Jersey has set the bar for higher safety standards when it comes to inflatable manufacturing.

InflataPalooza offers bounce house rentals that are approved by New Jersey’s and Pennsylvania’s higher standards.  InflataPalooza’s clean bounce house rentals also comply will ASTM International standards, and adhere to safety measures set by CPSC.

The InflataPalooza safety commitment

You might not care about all of the safety and cleaning standards I just mentioned that InflataPalooza strives to adhere by but do know this…

We always have your child’s safety in mind and are continually searching for new or better ways to provide you and your children with the most safe and clean bounce house rentals available.

If you have any suggestions on what we can do to improve our products and services we always welcome your input so let us know.

About the Author Ryan Kennedy

My wife Adriana and I are the founders of InflataPalooza and love having a good time (especially with our two daughters). With our fun loving spirit our hope is that we can provide a much higher level of professionalism and service... but most importantly an awesome experience to any party or event for you and your closest friends and family.

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