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Woohoo… We’re 2; Lets Party!


Woohoo… we’re 2!

or at least we’re going to be this Saturday, February 21st.

Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day, Brazilian Carnival, Chinese New Year, our 2nd year in business; what an awesome week full of things going on.

Bounce houses are such a great addition to any party, and it certainly has been a Party Cupcakelot of fun to be a part of this industry for these past 2 years.  We are really looking forward to the next fun filled years to come.

In celebration of our second year we are offering a gift to all of our amazing customers.

We would like to offer to you… if you book (at our current promo price of 25% off) a party rental for anytime this year we will give you a 75% discount on a second booked party rental.

Here’s the catch…

This OFFER ENDS ON FEBRUARY 28th!!!  So make sure you get your first rental (for any date this year) on the books before then.  At which point we will then email you a 75% off coupon that you can use to book your second party rental. (see below for more details)

2 parties for the price of one party… now that is fun!

With this crazy warm weather we have been having during this weird February, we are hoping that it might turn into a long, fun summer season… or with it being Utah we might end up with a freezing snowy spring; who knows what is really going on?

Anyways, take advantage of this currently warm weather while it lasts and throw a party for any of your kids that might have a winter birthday; I mean it is not very often… if ever, that they get a chance to have an outdoor party.

Bounce house rentals, are a perfect way to give your child with a winter birthday an amazing party that they will love and get to share all of the excitement with all their friends.


Offer only valid until Saturday February 28th 2015.  Offer must be applied to 2 separate parties or events which can be for any date within the year 2015.  

First qualifying party or event must be reserved and booked online through before the promotional end date of 02/28/2015 but your party or event can be for anytime in 2015.  

Our current 25% off discount applies to your first booked event.  After your first event has been reserved online and a rental agreement has been signed and a 20% deposit received; you will then be sent a separate email which will contain a coupon code that can be used and applied to your second party or event rental… coupon will expire on December 31, 2015 and will no longer be valid after 2015.

The current 25% online discount applies to any number of rental items and any number of events.  The second 75% promotional discount is only good for 1 rental item of $140.00 value or less and only for 1 event… other coupons, specials, discounts, and promotions do not apply.

Only one 75% discount will be issued for every qualifying event completely reserved and booked at the current 25% promotional price.  Promotion for Customer Pickup orders only; delivery available though additional fees may apply.

Cancellation or non-completion of first booked event rental disqualifies you of the promotion and voids all applicable discounts.


About the Author Ryan Kennedy

My wife Adriana and I are the founders of InflataPalooza and love having a good time (especially with our two daughters). With our fun loving spirit our hope is that we can provide a much higher level of professionalism and service... but most importantly an awesome experience to any party or event for you and your closest friends and family.

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